Meet Will

Will's inspiration, resiliency, and drive are shaped from his values and the quote:

"Prosperity conceals character. Adversity reveals it."

Will's childhood began as an immigrant, however, it was paved with adversity as he grew up living in a garage with his single-mother and younger sister in southern California. He knew the only way out of the streets and to assist his family was to receive a full-ride athletic scholarship; the golden ticket.

Will had a dream and promised to achieve that golden ticket, so he trained relentlessly from his childhood through high school as coaches, teammates, and family always said he was never enough. Will and his sister even persevered verbal and physical abuse. 

That adversity shaped his character and empowered him as he received a full-ride football scholarship to West Point in his senior year. In that process, Will set his high school's clean record, and received 3rd place in the state of California in the shot put event in track. All he needed to do was graduate.

On June 9, 2014, three days before high school graduation, Will suffered a broken neck which left him completely paralyzed. The doctor told him that he would be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. It would be impossible for him to move again. Will used that adversity to fuel him as he spent 40 days learning how to hold a pencil, sit in a chair, to stand and walk again. They called him, "The Walking Miracle," and he is blessed to use his story to inspire others. 

This traumatic life-changing experience shaped his values and who he is today. Now, Will shares his story and draws lessons from his life experiences as he couples them with values to give them more impactful meaning.

Will is on a mission to educate and inspire the youth as:

Empowered By Will™

Will was inspired to use the Trident to embody his core values of Pride, Courage, and Strength to live an empowered life, achieve success, and give back to the community.

Empowered By Will™ is made for the people to proudly represent the Trident symbol.

Today, Will is a graduate from California State University, Long Beach in Physical Education where he developed his passion and drive to inspire others as a teacher, leader, mentor, and coach. He has shared his life lessons to sports teams, organizations, and a TEDxCSULB Talk.

By sharing his story, his goal is to empower a community to share theirs, and to let them that they are not alone.

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